Hello all,


We hope you are having a great day! Finally, we decided to update our latest client version. Go check "Downloads" section!

We also added a new Patch at "Patch Downloads" section for giving you a better performance and a faster in-game experience for those players that have out-dated clients.


Sorry for any inconvenience,


- [New] Spots Added and Re-Worked.

- [Changed] Re-worked WCoin(C) Prices:

   - From Webshop.

   - From Cash Shop

   - From VIP Especial Menu.

- [Changed] Re-worked Cash Shop (x-shop):

   - Added new Jewels.

   - Enabled Gift Option.

- [Changed] Re-worked Lucky Coin Exchange

- [Fixed] Lucky Items.

- [Fixed] Some items were taking invisible spaces on inventory.

- [Balance] Kubera Boss Damage and HP.


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)


Our team is working everyday for giving you the best experience, that's why we bring you a brand new Forum granting a new way for discuss bugs, ideas, big announcements and anything you want to talk under the rules and guidelines. Hope you all enjoy :)!


- [New] Forum Available!

- [New] Redzone Website Design!

- [Changed] Max Master Level to 200.

- [Balance] Normal MasterExp x100 and VIP x150.

- [Balance] Arena Monster's Exp.

- [Balance] Doppelganger Event Boss and Reward.

- [Balance] Elf Class and Buffs.

- [Fixed] BuyVip at Especial Menu were not working properly.


- Added New item Available on WebShop:

- Ice Skull Sword (BK, MG, RF)


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

- [New] Rules and Community Guidelines. (Check "About Us" section)

- [New] New BloodAngel and DarkAngel Sets.

- [Fixed] DL Summon Skill now requires to be same level to teleport.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Items where not dropping properly.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Options where not working properly.

- [Fixed] Jewel of Guardian bugging F.O Items.

- [Balance] Nightmare and Selupan Bosses.

- [Balance] PvE Damage and Defense against Bosses.

- [Changed] Skins for some classes when creating new character.


- Added New items Available on WebShop:

- BloodAngel Set (All Classes)

- DarkAngel Set (All Classes)


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

- [New] Map Kubera's Mine.

    - Kubera now has more Drop Rate of Exc, Ancient and Socket Items.
    - New Boss Kubera and mobs.
    - Boss Kubera has a chance of drop ex700+ Semi F.O+4 Empty Sockets.

- [New] Quests "Inventory & Vault Expansions".

    - Quest 1 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Elbeland (55, 199) Reward: Vault Certification

    - Quest 2 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Noria (186, 109) Reward: Magic Backpack.

    - Quest 3 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Devias (226, 52) Reward: Magic Backpack.

- [New] Ancient combinations.

- [New] Wings S9 can be created during Wing Mix lvl 3.

- [New] Spots added in all maps.

- [New] Violent Wind Set and Stick Skin.

- [New] Uniria Skin.

- [Balance] Jewel of Chaos now is the principal economy of the game.

- [Balance] PvP System.

- [Balance] Lower Drop of Jewel of Chaos.

- [Balance] Higher Drop of Creation and Gemstone.

- [Balance] +10, +11, +12, +13, +14, +15 Chaos Mix now has more chance of success.

- [Balance] Event DoppelGanger

    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Silver Chest now has more chance of dropping Jewels.
    - Golden Chest now has more chance of dropping S2+Luck Items.

- [Balance] Event Imperial Guardian

    - Map Varka now has more Drop Rate of Exc and Socket Items.
    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Bosses now have more chance of dropping S4+Luck Items Semi-F.o +4 Sockets.

- [Fix] Custom Bows weren't working properly.

- [Fix] Luck and Skill Option on dropped items.

- [Fix] Socket Options on dropped items.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- Ancient Combinations

    - Mahes Black Dragon
    - Bes Eclipse
    - Serket Iris
    - Apis Valiant
    - Hapy Ancient
    - Khons Dark Steel
    - Horus Holy Storm
    - Bragi Dark Phoenix
    - Alvis Grand Soul
    - Frigg Holy Spirit
    - Tyr Thunder Hawk
    - Surt Glorious
    - Elune Demonic
    - Magni Piercing

- Divine Crossbow of Archangel (Elf)

- Frost Fighter Set (Rage Fighter)

- Bloody Dragon Set (Rage Fighter)

- Other minor changes


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

Hello all,

Sorry for this long time maintenance, finally we are back and we bring your favorite server back online!

Hope you all enjoy our services



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