- [New] Map Kubera's Mine.

    - Kubera now has more Drop Rate of Exc, Ancient and Socket Items.
    - New Boss Kubera and mobs.
    - Boss Kubera has a chance of drop ex700+ Semi F.O+4 Empty Sockets.

- [New] Quests "Inventory & Vault Expansions".

    - Quest 1 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Elbeland (55, 199) Reward: Vault Certification

    - Quest 2 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Noria (186, 109) Reward: Magic Backpack.

    - Quest 3 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Devias (226, 52) Reward: Magic Backpack.

- [New] Ancient combinations.

- [New] Wings S9 can be created during Wing Mix lvl 3.

- [New] Spots added in all maps.

- [New] Violent Wind Set and Stick Skin.

- [New] Uniria Skin.

- [Balance] Jewel of Chaos now is the principal economy of the game.

- [Balance] PvP System.

- [Balance] Lower Drop of Jewel of Chaos.

- [Balance] Higher Drop of Creation and Gemstone.

- [Balance] +10, +11, +12, +13, +14, +15 Chaos Mix now has more chance of success.

- [Balance] Event DoppelGanger

    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Silver Chest now has more chance of dropping Jewels.
    - Golden Chest now has more chance of dropping S2+Luck Items.

- [Balance] Event Imperial Guardian

    - Map Varka now has more Drop Rate of Exc and Socket Items.
    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Bosses now have more chance of dropping S4+Luck Items Semi-F.o +4 Sockets.

- [Fix] Custom Bows weren't working properly.

- [Fix] Luck and Skill Option on dropped items.

- [Fix] Socket Options on dropped items.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- Ancient Combinations

    - Mahes Black Dragon
    - Bes Eclipse
    - Serket Iris
    - Apis Valiant
    - Hapy Ancient
    - Khons Dark Steel
    - Horus Holy Storm
    - Bragi Dark Phoenix
    - Alvis Grand Soul
    - Frigg Holy Spirit
    - Tyr Thunder Hawk
    - Surt Glorious
    - Elune Demonic
    - Magni Piercing

- Divine Crossbow of Archangel (Elf)

- Frost Fighter Set (Rage Fighter)

- Bloody Dragon Set (Rage Fighter)

- Other minor changes


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

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