- [New] Rules and Community Guidelines. (Check "About Us" section)

- [New] New BloodAngel and DarkAngel Sets.

- [Fixed] DL Summon Skill now requires to be same level to teleport.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Items where not dropping properly.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Options where not working properly.

- [Fixed] Jewel of Guardian bugging F.O Items.

- [Balance] Nightmare and Selupan Bosses.

- [Balance] PvE Damage and Defense against Bosses.

- [Changed] Skins for some classes when creating new character.


- Added New items Available on WebShop:

- BloodAngel Set (All Classes)

- DarkAngel Set (All Classes)


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

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