Our team is working everyday for giving you the best experience, that's why we bring you a brand new Forum granting a new way for discuss bugs, ideas, big announcements and anything you want to talk under the rules and guidelines. Hope you all enjoy :)!


- [New] Forum Available!

- [New] Redzone Website Design!

- [Changed] Max Master Level to 200.

- [Balance] Normal MasterExp x100 and VIP x150.

- [Balance] Arena Monster's Exp.

- [Balance] Doppelganger Event Boss and Reward.

- [Balance] Elf Class and Buffs.

- [Fixed] BuyVip at Especial Menu were not working properly.


- Added New item Available on WebShop:

- Ice Skull Sword (BK, MG, RF)


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

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