- [New] Spots Added and Re-Worked.

- [Changed] Re-worked WCoin(C) Prices:

   - From Webshop.

   - From Cash Shop

   - From VIP Especial Menu.

- [Changed] Re-worked Cash Shop (x-shop):

   - Added new Jewels.

   - Enabled Gift Option.

- [Changed] Re-worked Lucky Coin Exchange

- [Fixed] Lucky Items.

- [Fixed] Some items were taking invisible spaces on inventory.

- [Balance] Kubera Boss Damage and HP.


- Other minor changes.


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

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Server Info

Version Season 6 Ep 4
Experience x1000
Drop x60
Total Accounts 186
Total Characters 261
Total Guilds 8
Online Users 4